Intended Use

The MAGBOX is a complete iron-separation unit for installation in pipes. This unit can readily and rapidly be installed in existing pipes. The standard types of MAGBOX housing are supplied without grid magnets. The housing can be equipped with one or two grid magnets, as required, whereby use can be made of the standard RV/VI grid magnets or thhe easy-clean RVEC/VI grid magnets. The product falls freely through the system; iron particles in the product are captured by the grid magnets.
The front of the MAGBOX is equipped with a removable swinging door, which is secured by two quick fasteners with release button. Once the cover has been opened the grids can be removed for cleaning. MAGBOX magnet systems are often used as the last check in the production process, for example shortly before the finished product is packaged. One of the major benefits of the MAGBOX is its low overall height.


Overall height 190mm
Manufactured in 1.4404 stainless steel
Cover fitted with a silicone seal
Handle fitted to the cover
Rear of the housing is equipped with an earthing clamp
Surface treatment electrolytic polishing


Suitable for most applications and offers a low overall height.


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