Intended Use

This Equipment is designed for applications that require a combination of solutions. The cleaning process is semi-automatic. The product flow is interrupted. After releasing the quick-action clamps the magnet system and stainless-steel sleeves are slid from the unit using the handles fitted to the sides of the intermediate panel. Once the entire magnet unit has been slid from the housing the magnetic units can be slid out of thhe sleeves using the handles on the front panel. The iron particles are then released by the sleeves without falling into the housing, and can be collected. The magnet system is then returned to its original position, and is once again ready for use


Semi-Automatic cleaning
Permanent magnets
Overall height 300mm
Manufactured in 1.4404 stainless steel
Equipped with pre-drilled flat flanges
Supplied with earthing clamp
Made to CE standards
Finished in electrolytic polishing


This revolutionary model has been especially designed for applications which require a combination of low overall height, a powerful magnet system in the product flow, and a minimal risk of bridge-building. The increased distance between the magnetic units as compared to conventional grid magnets renders this system suitable for use with products which do not flow freely and/or readily adhere to or accumulate on surfaces. This system is also ideally suited to the separation of iron particles from coarser products or hygroscopic raw materials.


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