Eddy Current Centric


The Bakker Magnetics eddy current system offers the highest technology in non-ferrous metal separation.

Bakker Magnetics’ new, recently introduced generation eddy current non-ferrous separators, have been incorporated in a modular system concept. This means that the various system elements – a drum magnet, vibratory feeder, eddy current magnet and separation unit, can be mounted in the same base frame. The concept allows you to modify the configuration of the removal system, quickly and efficiently. In addition to this the modular structure makes it possible to incorporate (elements of) the system easily into existing plants. This construction also significantly simplifies maintenance of the system, allowing easy replacement, e.g. of the conveyor belt and the reverse drum.

The separation unit is available in 3 different models, depending on the product and the capacity. The separating plate can be adjusted quickly and easily to almost every position and angle of inclination, using the ‘fast-click’ positioning system. In this way construction parts do not obstruct the flow of materials.

The design of the imbalance vibrating feeder is entirely geared to the ECSM units. The trough is made of stainless steel AIS1304. The vibrating feeders are available in 2 standard lengths: 1,500 resp. 2,500mm.


The eddy current works in the opposite direction to the nearest pole of a magnet in the induction roll. As is well known, equal poles exert a repulsive force through which the metal particles are actually launched out of the waste flow. Materials with a comparatively weak conduction are hardly or not influenced by the generated magnetic field and therefore drop straight down. Depending on the density the metal parts are bent out of the waste flow.

In practice an optimal removal can be achieved through adjustment of the separator. In addition, apart from the electrical properties, the density of the material to be removed must also be taken into account.