Plate Magnets


Intended Use

Plate magnets are used to remove iron from product flows on conveyor belts, vibratory feeders, during free fall, in vertical or inclined pipes, under slide plates, etc. This type of plate magnet includes a Neodymium magnet system of an optimum power, and designed such that the unit offers an extra strong and deep-reach magnetic field.


Manual cleaning
Permanent magnets in either ceramic ferrite or neodymium material
Housing made from 1.4404 stainless steel
Finished in electrolytic polishing


The magnet system is brought in as close as possible contact with the raw material. The system can achieve an extremely high efficiency, depending on the product, the particle size and the conveying velocity.
The standard product range encompasses models of a variety of lengths. Virtually every required length can be supplied by special order. The unit is cleaned by hand; manually-operated or pneumatically-operated cleaning drawers are available as an optional extra


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