Vacuum Lifting for Glass – Clad Lift 350


The revolution in window installation!

The Clad-Lift pays for itself in no time as a result of the time and manpower saved and its outstanding characteristics.  The Clad-Lift is available in many variations with load-bearing capacity from 350kg up to 1000kg

The CLAD-LIFT 350 is designed so a single person can assemble and handle glass, windows, panels, doors or other elements up to 350 kg in weight with great efficiency. This vacuum lifting device with hydraulic telescopic beam enables the operator to rotate the workpiece by 360 ° vertical and 180 ° horizontal making installation from floor to ceiling possible.

Thanks to the front wheel drive the Clad-Lift 350 with its polyurethane foam filled wheels is extremely manoeuvrable, not only on levelled ground, but also off-terrain and can be used both indoors or outdoors.  The powerful, electro-hydraulic system has a step less speed control of all functions. With the slim design of the device, passing doors is never a problem .

The CLAD-LIFT 350 is characterised by a finely adjustable hydraulic control that controls the lifting arm and the load powerfully, quickly and gently.  Ergonomic and robust at the same time, it enables the load to be tilted, turned and turned in all directions.  the flexible front allows swivelling to both sides at 90 degree and offers endless rotation of the load by 360 degrees.  A maximum height for the Clad Lift 350 is 2.80 meters.

Sophisticated protection against overloading for maximum safety:
If 90% of the maximum load is reached, a red LED flashes on the control panel and a pulsing sound is heard. When 100% of the maximum load is reached, the red LED on the control panel lights up constantly and the acoustical signal sounds continuously.
In case of overloading, all hydraulic cylinders can operate in return only.

The lifting tower offers 500mm extension in the fine lifting function for work with millimetre precision.  The manual side shift is 100mm.  The lifting arm can be tilted forwards and backwards with the load and the load can be turned 180 degrees.  The 4 sawn-off plates in the two circuit vacuum system can be easily rotated thanks to the intelligent vacuum rotary guide, without the vacuum hoses being damaged or hanging down.

The multi-functional control panel is user-friendly designed and equipped with integrated function buttons and signal lamps. It is also provided with a spiral cable that enables the user to control the machine even when he is in the area of the work piece e.g. a window that has to be fitted etc. .

Driving is controlled by the ergonomic operator steering handle. This handle is provided with safety functions that meet even the most stringent safety standards. The emergency stop secures the operator against crushing hazard and the spring-loaded accelerator switch ensures that the machine immediately brakes if the handle is released .
Low-maintenance bearings and plain bearings ensure long life and low maintenance costs .

The integrated battery charger makes charging via a 230V socket possible anywhere anytime. The charging time is approximately 8 hours .

Optional add-on parts increase the multifunctionality of this product, with forks, hook adapters, shut-off valves, 3 different adapters for horizontal load handling, a radio remote control, an operator platform and a forklift adapter, you can turn our window regulator into an absolute multi-device.

Technical data

Article No. 1016050 Min. Extension 550 mm
Outer length: 1.450 mm Max. Extension 1.050 mm
Outer width: 690 mm Max. Height to center of lifting yoke: 2.850 mm
Max. Lifting capacity: approx 350 kg Side shift ( manual ): 100 mm
Max. Load at maximum extension: approx 200 kg Tower fine adjustment ( hydraulic ): 500 mm
Weight including ballast weight 617 kg rotation 360°
Weight without ballast weight 512 kg Suction plates: 4 x Ø 270 mm
Ballast weight 7 x 15 kg Batteries: 2 x 95 Ah