Clad Lift – Options & Accessories


More functionality for the Clad lift with attaching parts and several load handling attachments. Twin wheels, Lifting hook, Support wheels, Adapter 150° and 165°, Radio remote control, optical or acoustical alarm, Platform for forks, Solid rubber heavy load wheels, suction plates, extensions of traverses or other application.

Twin wheels

Give the Clad lift more stability and better handling on soft surfaces and reduces the point load pressure of the wheels to the floor surface.

Lifting hook

For transporting suspended loads on the Clad lift . The goods to be transported can be simply suspended with a loading belt or a chain.

Support wheels

To stabilize the Clad lift when assembling windows and glass doors. Improves safety when pivoting and rotating the load.

Lifting fork

Turns the Clad lift into a pallet truck for transporting pallets and other loadable goods. Ideal for loading and unloading vehicles without crane and forklift.

Adapter 150° and 165°

for horizontal loading and unloading at a working height of 0 -1250 mm

Radio remote control

For comfortable operation without disturbing cable. It takes over the function of the control panel and enables the operator to adjust the assembled window from a distance.

Optical alarm with blinking light if working with Clad lift

A safety function that indicates dangers when driving, transporting, pivoting and turning the Clad lift to the immediate environment.

Acoustical Alarm on wheel drive

While driving the Clad-Lift gives an alarming beep. Colleagues and other persons on the construction site are informed about the driving movement of the Clad lift and possible resulting dangers.

Platform for forks for CLAD-LIFT 350 + 600

Allows either the  350 or 600 model carry windows at great height by using a forklift. The forklift brings the Clad lift 350/600 with its load to the assembly site.

Other options:

We can help you solve your handling tasks even with solid rubber heavy duty wheels, different suction plate materials and sizes as well as truss extensions