Quick Mold Change Solutions – Mechanical Clamping System


Mechanical clamping systems are simple and low cost. The first step towards quicker tool change.


For mechanical clamping, EAS offers a manual bayonet clamping system is used on injection molding machines up to 200 T. Since there is no need to invest in hydraulic or electrical connections, this is a simple first step towards QMC automation for smaller machines.

The mould is held in position by a manual bayonet locking mechanism, easy to install and operate.


simple and economic QMC solution
for small injection molding machines
no hydraulic or electric connections required
simple retrofit
thin plates ensure minimal loss of daylight opening in the machine
available for machines with Euromap standards as well as for SPI standards
for molds with a maximum weight of 2 T
The bayonet system locks the mold onto the machine by just turning the handle manually and stays securely locked during operation.

The centering rings on molds need to be replaced on both side of the molds by a bayonet centering adaptor.

The mechanical clamping system can be installed on new and existing injection molding machines up to 200 T, using the existing mounting hole patterns.

To reduce your production costs, QMC solutions can be applied in a series of cost-effective steps. Take a look at the other solutions EAS has to offer, helping you speed up your changeover time.


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