Pressmag SP Magnetic Clamping


Electro-permanent magnetic clamping system provides flexible clamping for molders who are unable to standardize their molds.


No mold standardization required with EAS SP clamping systems, as with all EAS magnetic clamping solutions: SP does not require electric power to maintain clamping force.

Larger clamping forces
Thinner plates
Flexible around holes = more clamping force
Max quantity of mounting bolts = no air gap
Standard temperature range till 150C.
Smaller poles giving more force
Electropermanent magnetic Pressmag SP systems have a 47 mm (1.85”) square base and feature a pole to pole design – alternating north – south poles. This provides more clamping force towards
the center of the platens on small machines.
47mm poles are easier to place between and around holes than larger poles.
More small poles = more force than with larger poles.

Resin sealing or metal-to-metal surface
Pressmag SP100 is designed for a max temperature of 100ºC (212 ºF) and features square poles with resin sealing.
Pressmag SP150 has laser-cut stainless steel mesh seals and covers the complete system, providing an easy-to-clean, perfectly flat all steel surface.
The Pressmag SP150 is designed for high temperature applications up to 150ºC (302ºF).

No bending of the magnetic plate
To maintain the SP’s plate stiffness, EAS adds screws between the poles and around the center.



Magnets are affected by temperature. See the difference in service temperatures per Pressmag system below:

Pressmag type                      Machine size                      Service temperature
SP100                                   < 400 ton                              100°C (212°F)
SP150                                   < 400 ton                              150°C (302°F)
HP100                                  > 400 ton                             100°C (212°F)
HP120                                  > 400 ton                             120°C (248°F)
LP100                                   > 400 ton                            100°C (212°F)