ERC Hydraulic Rocker Clamp


Shorten the setup time and optimize your tool clamping process:
The ERC rocker clamp is a single acting hydraulic cylinder, designed to fit press platens with T-slots. This enables easy clamping the mold or die.

Improved design
Our R&D department has added special rollers to the design of the ERC hydraulic rocker clamp. Now horizontal as well as vertical machines are supported.


The rocker clamp is fitted with a T-slot pin which screws in and out of the clamp base. This allows easy and quick adjustment of the ERC to the DIN 650 T-slot.

ERC T-slot pin
ERC T-slot pin


– fits in any T-slot (according to DIN 650); versatile in application
– very suitable to retrofit; flexible in practice
– ordering overview; quick and simple ordering
– single piece construction; fast delivery times
– compact design; fitting narrow clamping edges

• for 20 -40 -60 -100-160-250 kN
• suitable for non-standardized die back-plates
• unique adjustable T-slot pin; fi ts in any T-slot according to DIN 650
• standard handles on bigger ERC models
• on bigger models handles come standard
• maximum working pressure: 350 bar
• single acting, spring returned clamping system
• one oil connection

Add extra functionality to the standard ERC clamp with the following options:

In addition to the standard clamp, there is the possibility to add functionality with the following options:

Support roller
Proximity sensor
Air cylinder
Check valve
More information on the options, specific technical details and ordering info can be downloaded in the menu on your right – the ERC instruction sheets.

More EAS clamps
Next to these rocker clamp, EAS offers the following double acting hydraulic clamps:

*depending on any options installed