Intended Use

TURBOMILL electro permanent magnetic chucks are the worlds most powerful milling chuck, achieving 17kg/cm2 clamping force. Ideal for all types of heavy milling applications
Available in models: Turbomill 18, Turbomill 25B, Turbomill 40 and Turbomill 50-SQ


Save in energy consumption
• Less wear on your cutting tools
• Cut 5 different faces with the same magnetic set-up
• No handling needed
• Facility of clamping and unclamping

• Super powerful uniform magnetism
• High security – no voltage fluctuations
• Stability of the system

• Higher quality of surface finish
• Higher cutting speeds

• No vibration leads to smoother cutting
• No temperature rise
Optional pole extensions for working off chuck surface
Options of through hole clamping to machine table
Push/Pull plug connections
Variable holding power
Interlock into machine tool controls


Typical applications include: five sided machining, surface milling, milling, drilling, boring and pocket milling.
Due to the strong holding force, 5 sided milling can be achieved without any other clamps resulting in quick set up times and high production.
The chucks are manufactured from a solid block of steel, resulting in the highest rigidity and magnetic efficiency. Naturally all TURBOMILL chucks are 100% watertight
The total demagnetization of the chucks facilitates the easy removal of chips after machining operations.
Although the magnetic field penetrates in the magnetic chuck and in the workpiece, it has no influence on the functions of the machine. The main advantage of TURBOMILL chucks is their magnetic activity over the whole surface of the chuck.


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