Scrap Master


Intended Use

Lifting magnets for scrap and mill, availabe in various sizes.


Maximum slag lifting capacity

• Watertight, all-welded construction
• Alloy steel chains for greater life and durability
• Heavy manganese steel bottom plate
• Class H insulation utilised for layer-to-layer, turn-to-turn, coil-to-case insulation


The Scrapmaster series of circular lifting magnets is especially suitable to be employed for heavy work in steel-mills, foundries, scrap yards, furnace loading (WH and W series) and for cleaning operations in stores, foundries, scrap yards (WL and WS series). Cases are constructed from high-permeability rolled steel, deep-welded and treated for stress relief. The coil is made of aluminium or electrolytic copper tape. Class H insulation throughout the magnet ensures extended life. The insulating material is completely impregnated with highly insulating epoxy-bituminous resin. The special bottom plate is non-magnetic wear-resistant mangganese steel. The lifting magnet is supplied with three-leg steel chains, class 80, with central ring (safety ratio 5:1).

For handling high temperature (up to 600 degree C) materials a special series ‘red range’ magnets is available.
We can also provide the power supply and control equipment for e.g. bridge cranes or generator sets for use on e.g. mobile cranes.


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