Bundle Handling


Intended Use

If you use clamps, chains, hooks or slings for lifting bundles, then you will be aware of the problems you face. Besides being a complex and time-consuming process (in terms of both material and manpower), you also run the risk of damaging the material.


With the Bundle desigined systems we can offer, such inconveniences are definitively a thing of the past.With this material handling system you can do more in less time, and far more efficiently. In comparison with traditional lifting equipment, your people will be far safer working with these systems. Additional safety and ergonomic comfort thus represent further tangible profits. Employees are subjected to less severe loads and can work with pleasure, longer.


Our systems are ideal for loading and unloading transport vehicles and for loading into your warehouse. Every form of damage as a result of mechanical lifting, such as deformation of the profile, is permanently eliminated, enabling you to continue to offer the highest finished product quality, guaranteed. Because the profiles are approached from above, you can stack them economically, saving on storage space.


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