Onsite Magnet System Inspection


We can offer a onsite inspection on heavy lift equipment – contact us for a quote.

Upon arrival to site our engineer will check the magnet systems, among other tests, this includes:
▪ General visual check of the whole system for damages. If signs of defects are evident during testing, then
further investigations will be made to establish the cause of the defect
▪ Check complete magnet functions on remote control
▪ Check functionality of all the magnet functions
▪ Visual inspection of the magnet control, cabling, cable reeling drum
▪ Visual inspection of the magnets, beams, chains and attachments
▪ Check of coils in magnets & cabling between control and magnets
▪ Check voltage and capacity of batteries & carry out 20-minute back-up discharge & recharge test

We will carry out a condition report on control system, including cabinet and all controls, listing observations and
recommendations, and any required remedial works, where necessary.
▪ Label all tested magnets, beams, and control cabinets
▪ Recording all system details, IDs, and serial number identifications
▪ Small repairs can be performed directly if time and available materials allow us
▪ Other parts / spares that are required will be quoted separately