Beams & Profiles


Intended Use

Magnetic handling of beams, columns and profile for safer transportation around the factory, loading and unloading transport or handling materials in a production line


Standard or bespoke designed lifting magnet systems for handling all types of beams, columns and profiles. These magnets make handling of long materials safer as the operators do not need to be near the load and operation has low personnel requirements adding to the safety factor. For single and twin hook cranes on inside or outside cranes, these systems make handling material safer and easier. Also, we can supply systems for fork lift or mobile cranes.


We can supply various magnets depending on the type of beams and profiles to be handled. Common applications are:

  • Unloading/loading of beams or profiles from a production line
  • Unloading/loading transport like lorries and ships
  • Stock control in warehouses
  • Loading/unloading of drilling or cutting lines

For all types of beams and profiles the systems can be supplied with various types of lifting beams and suspensions – fixed beams, telescopic beams for a wider range of lengths to be handled or a passive beam which adjusts through the movement of two independent hooks. All these systems offer flexibility in adjustment for small to large lengths.

The magnets can be supplied in various lengths and shapes depending of the full scope of the material to be handled. With attachments to the magnets, such as extendible fingers, we can handle different shape profiles such as beams and tubes or flat bar and angles together.

As universal beams and channels come in such a wide range of widths we can supply magnets that can rotate manually or with a motor to cover these parameters. Also with a rotation of 90 degrees the magnets can be used for lifting multiple profiles in a column (raft)

The magnet systems can be supplied in options of electro-magnets, electro-permanent or battery operated magnets. All systems are supplied with SAFETY as a priority, which includes our load test feature on the control system allowing safety on every lift.




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