Intended Use

Permanent magnetic workholding fixture for state of the art milling


For use on high speed milling machines and standard milling machines allowing to hold, raise and support the workpiece effectively, even without back or end stops. High accuracy can be achieved thanks to the exceptionally high holding power in conjunction with the low magnetic field.
Available in : 240mm x 240mm, 280mm x 280mm, 320mm x 320mm, 600mm x 300mm
Optional pneumatic switching
Can be used on palletising systems
End stops supplied with the chuck


Thanks to the modular design the chucks can be used in tandem or multiple, operated individually or simultaneously and arranged with the poles running parallel or perpendicularly to the table travel, what ever suits the application best.
Apart from conventional milling operations, NEOPOWER chucks lend themselves particularly well for finishing operations on modern high speed machining centres in the tool and die industry.


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