Intended Use

Powerful permanent magnetic chuck for chip removal operations


Double Neodymium magnet pack generates an exceptionally high holding force on workpieces with an uneven or rough contact surface.
• Low magnetic field, concentrated over the top plate without stray fields. No chip contamination of workpiece surface and cutting tool.
• Transverse, close pole division of 11mm of steel and 4mm of brass allows optimal holding of workpieces beign just 26mm long and 6mm thick! The top plate can be drilled and tapped to accommodate pins, pegs or other clamping aids.
• Sturdy construction designed to take a heavy load. Vibrations are damped, contributing to machining accuracy.
• Standard execution with back rest, end stop and actuating shaft with hexagon-socket.
Nominal holding force: 150 N/cm2.
Usable top plate lift: 6mm
Available from 250mm x 150mm


Magnetic Chuck for chip removal operations. Supplied with allan key, set of clamps and manual.


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