Laminated Bars


Intended Use

Laminated Bars, when used as an accessory on the surface of a rectangular or rotary chuck will greatly increase their versatility.


laminated bars are not in themselves magnetic, they have fine divisions of 3mm steel poles separated by 1mm brass. Other pole pitches are available on request. When placed on the top of a magnetic chuck and then energised, the laminated bars become magnetic.
They can be also used as lateral support for components held on the chuck. The latter is essential when the height of the workpiece is such that the surface in contact with the chuck is not sufficient to hold the component. This is particularly useful for hollow workpieces with thin walls. In addition a block can be used as a fine pole adapter plate for the holding of small components for which the pole division of the basic chuck is too wide.
The laminated bars have great stability as they are manufactured by a special silver brazing process. As the laminators are not held together by means of bolts or studs machining can be carried out in them without weakening the block.
Available in transverse and longitudinal poles


They can be positioned loosely on the chuck or secured to it mechanically. A standard chuck can be converted to hold irregular shaped parts, eliminating the need to machine the chuck surface.
Laminated Bars may be machined to suit any component within the capabilities of the chuck and the machine. They can also be used for quick and accurate locating fixtures as more than one matched plate can be used on a chuck to allow machining of a component or components while an additional plate is being loaded with other workpieces.


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