MOD / WOD Wedge Clamp


Meet our best-in-class clamping product: safe, durable and cost-efficient. Thanks to the 5 ° angle on the plunger end, the MOD wedge clamping cylinders are self-locking and continuous pressure is not needed for the clamp to stay locked.


These hydraulic clamps are designed for use on machines with the EUROMAP drilling pattern. The MOD series feature metric mounting patterns and BSP oil fittings.

The double-acting hydraulic mold clamping series MOD can be fully integrated in the machine controls for efficient and quick tool change. Unclamping is done with hydraulics, and proximity switches can be used for exact positioning. For the use of these single-acting hydraulic mold clamps, the back plate on the tool side of the machine needs to be standardized. This leaves out the need for centering rings.


self-locking double acting hydraulic clamp
for machines with EUROMAP drilling pattern
equipped with inductive sensors to indicate clamped and unclamped position
thousands of cylinders installed
large range of clamping forces available
The equivalent of the MOD for the American market is the WOD series.


The imperial version, the WOD series are designed for use on the US SPI standardized machines. These hydraulic clamping systems also feature the self-locking plungers, with imperial mounting patterns and SAE oil connections.

These self-locking double acting hydraulic clamps are installed on thousands of injection molding, blow molding , die casting machines, mold carriers and stamping presses.

Due to the 5 degree angle on the plunger end the cylinders are self-locking and pressure does not have to be maintained for the clamp to stay locked.

The MOD system clamps on flat back-plates and can be equipped with 2 inductive sensors to indicate the clamped and unclamped positions.


Available with clamping forces from 1,5 Ton up to 120 Ton in metric as well as imperial versions.
Double Acting
Self locking (because of 5°angle)
Oil returned
Two oil connections
Maximum pressure: 200bar
Clamping pressure: 70 bar,
Retracting pressure: 180 bar
Working Temperature: 5°C to 60°C – Up to 110°C with Viton O-rings
fixed on machine plate (most common) Sliding in T-slot is also possible
Mould back plate dimensions must be standardized (Distance between clamps and thickness)
Status (extended , retracted) can be checked with sensors.
Can be fitted with dowel pins.
Can be supplied with parallel keys.
Can be fitted with slide plates and/or mould guides.
The correct size of clamping system depends on both the opening force of the machine and the number of clamps.

For more information and availability, download the technical sheet or contact us directly.