KEZX Super powerful T Slot Milling Chuck


Intended Use

KEZX Super Powerful T-Slot Milling Chuck
Available in:
500mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1500mm, 600mm x 1000mm
Must be purchased with EH-VE210C control unit


Super powerful electromagnetic chuck especially designed for heavy duty cutting.
Small and irregular-shaped workpieces can be held firmly by a combination of a magnet and clamping by use of T -slots .
Workpieces having a small attractive face area can also be clamped firmly


Super powerful electromagnetic chuck having T -slots for heavy duty cutting. A range of workpieces that can be held has been expanded by a combination of a quick working magnet system and clamps by use of T -grooves.
As the mechanical clamping mechanism is incorporated with the magnetic part, irregular workpieces and non-magnetic workpiaces can be held easily. When clamping a nonmagnetic workpiece there is no need to dismount the electromagnetic chuck from the machine table.
Model KEZX comes both in the horizontal and vertical type.


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