Wood Processing & Furniture


Slewing & turning lifter

Be it manually slewing up to 90° by means of a pneumatic vacuum generation and the ecomatic automated energy-saving module or continuously variable turning up to 180° thanks to the electric motor, the slewing and turning lifters do not only make moving objects easy but also the ability to process both sides.

Whether checking both sides of a panel for damage during quality control or applying veneer to both sides of wooden panels the Aero-lift turning lifters make such tasks child’s play thanks to the electric slewing gear. Panels weighing several hundred kilograms can be easily turned effortlessly at the press of a button.

The manual sliding valve with safety interlock and electronic monitoring of vacuum and power supply ensure absolute safety wile on job.

Box Module

Even finished products like cabinets, housings and boxes or pre-assembled parts as for instance in the mobile home industry can be “grabbed” gently on the sides and transported via crane to final assembly or packaging for shipment.

The suction plates can “grab” the sides of the components as a result of the modules specific configuration.  That ensures a convenient and damage-free handling of components.

In this case, it does not matter whether the product to be transported is lying horizontally or is upright.  Aero-lift lifters can grab the parts and move them where they need to go.

The automatic warning module monitors the vacuum and power supply.  The vacuum box module can be easily adjusted to the size of the objects to be moved for different internal components.

Tube lifter with VUSS vacuum gripper

The ingenious combination in individual handling of lumber!  Aero-Lift combines the advantages of a flexible tube lifter with the considerable versatile characteristics of the patented VUSS vacuum grippers and had thus developed a unique unit for the quick processing of wood parts of diverse quantities, dimensions and shapes.  For instance, the VUSS tube lifters offer the optimum solution for stair builders when it comes to handling stringers with milled out portions. A variety of wood and furniture elements can be transported without requiring any additional refitting, as the VUSS adapts to the contours of every workpiece.  There is no set up time necessary thanks to alternating the suction system.  A safe and reliable handling is ensured by the patented valve system, even if the products to be moved have holes or milled out portions.  Where other vacuums fail, our VUSS tube lifter with vacuum grippers can impress by showing off its strengths.

Handling of trimmed timber

Wood is a natural product which changes after sawing.  When storing, the wood still swells and forms into a bowing.  Simple standard suction plates cannot lift such asperity anymore.

So, what could we do?  Aero-lift invented two slim, swinging and handling suction plates from the standard one for rough wood.  That allows the adjustment to the deformed workpiece.  Even highly deformed wood can be transported easily, quickly and precisely.