Vacuum Lifting for Glass – Clad Lift 575


The revolution in glass installation!

This CLAD-LIFT with a load bearing capacity of 575 kg can be used for big multi-glazed windows. perfect to safely lift loads at great heights.  Perfect for quick assembly of large heavy windows but it can also be used for wall and ceiling elements.

This vacuum lifting device with its finely adjustable hydraulic control ensures gentle movement of the arms and thus the insertion and removal of glass panes and glass elements with millimetre precision.  Overhead installation is also possible as the flexible front enables the hydraulic 180 degree rotation of the load and it can move into almost any position using the control panel.  Tilting, turning are child’s paly with the CLADLIFT 575.

Functionality and special features

Multi-moveable front makes the load movable in all dimensions.
The fine lifting function in the tower offers 200 mm and thus enables use in hard-to-reach places and the insertion of glass panes in clamping profiles. The manual side shift is 100 mm and gives you more room to move. This is particularly valuable when lifting panes that have to be lifted behind protrusions or corners. The hydraulic control takes over the 180 degree rotation of the load. Working behind scaffolding is also possible with this multi flexible window regulator.

Good driving characteristics and a wide range of possible uses
Although the CLAD-LIFT 575 has a very heavy weight of over 1t, it is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to move. The powerful front-wheel drive effortlessly creates ramps, platforms and uneven surfaces. The vacuum lifter for glass feels comfortable both inside and on the construction site. In particular, he masters the tricky assignments convincingly and leaves the competition far behind. Overhead installation is also no problem for the advanced window manipulator.

AERO-LIFT vacuum technology for maximum safety
Abdominal contact switch, electronic brake system, automatic stop when releasing the handle, the overload warning, the signal for the risk of tipping and the automatic pump control for safe vacuum meet the high standards of DIN EN 13155. Vacuum technology ensures Safety of people and components. Faster and easier assembly with maximum effectiveness and work safety for your employees.

Optional add-on parts increase the multifunctionality of the CLAD-LIFT 575
With a modern position sensor – the gyro function, double tires, support wheels, forks, hook adapters, shut-off valves, 3 different adapters for horizontal load handling, a radio remote control, an operator platform and a forklift adapter, you can transform your CLAD-LIFT 575 is an absolute multi-device.

The advantages at a glance

For windows, doors, security elements, full glazing, sheet metal, facade parts, vehicle cladding and much more
Precise working and loading of the load thanks to the step less hydraulic control
Safe and reliable two-circuit vacuum system
200 mm hydraulic fine lifting function and 100 mm lateral hydraulic fine adjustment
Telescopic extension of the extension arm for easy assembly even over obstacles
Hydraulic rotation up to 180 degrees
Differential front drive with electromagnetic braking system
Battery saving function “Ecomatic”
4 suction plates made of elastic Perbunan with extra wide suction lip for a secure hold
Belly contact secures the operator
Tilt contact in the spring-loaded handle for immediate braking when you let go
Acoustic alarm signal in the event of vacuum below 60% and overload


Technical Data

Article No. 1016051 Min. Extension 700 mm
Outer length: 1.880 mm Max. Extension 1.800 mm
Outer width: 890 mm Max. Height to the center of the lifting yoke: 3.600 mm
Max. Lifting capacity: approx 575 kg Side Shift ( hydraulic ): 100 mm
Max. Load at maximum extension: 275 kg Tower fine adjustment ( hydraulic ): 200 mm
Total weight, including ballast weight: 1300 kg Rotation ( hydraulic ): 180°
Total weight, without ballast weight: 1025 kg Suction plates: 4 x Ø 350 mm
Ballast weight: 21 x 13 kg Batteries: 2 x 150 Ah

575 Dimensions