Vacuum Lifting for Glass – Clad Tec 500


The revolution in glass installation!

Glass lifter for field assembly at construction site for windows and glass

Windows and glass are expensive and damageable. AERO-LIFT has developed the CLAD-LIFT to handle glass with care and save. Four separate vacuum circles with four vacuum pumps holds the load save even if one seal of a suction plate is defective.
Functionality and features
Vacuum lift for glass panes weighing up to 1000 kg, with off-grid power supply. Safety is ensured during the work process by a so-called quadruple circuit system. The redundant valves, suction plates and vacuum tank are used for controlling four separate suction circuits. The four suction circuits are monitored separately by the warning system and thus ensure full load-bearing capacity even in the event of a power outage.
The glass lift is able to pick up and put down the panes both vertically and horizontally. Glass panes can be turned unrestricted 360°. Thanks to the battery power supply, the vacuum lift can also be implemented on building sites as needed. The dual-circuit safety system increases the safety for handling glass panes at construction sites.
Integrated battery charger and “Ecomatic” automatic energy saving module. The vacuum pump is automatically switched off when the working vacuum pressure is reached and switched back on before the pressure reaches the danger zone. That can result in an energy savings of up to 90%.
The intelligent electronic warning system (prescribed according to EN 13155). The warning system reacts if the vacuum pressure falls below 60%.
The release of the 90° pivot function is effected manually with the aid of a locking pin. Manual pivot system via gravity.
By positioning the holding system off centre, the supported holder is pivoted via a built-in release mechanism horizontally by vertical objects or vice-versa.

The benefits at first sight
– strong batteries: one battery charge for 300 lifting circles
– highest safety: signal horn, non return valves and warning system
– turning and pivoting: turning 360° in horizontal position with eight positions
step less tilting up to 90° in vertical position
– durable suction plates: special for outdoor area, temperature- and UV-resistant
– easy transportation: short time for mounting and demounting with quick change connections
– all at the handle: switch for function suck/ventilate

Technical data

CLAD-TEC 500 (AERO 500/4R-12V-4K)

Article number: 1016060
Load bearing capacity: 500 kg at 50% vacuum
Transport: vertical and horizontal transport
Conditions of use: indoor and outdoor area, building
Dimensions: 1050 x 1050 mm, 2000 x 2000 mm with extension arms
Material: frame and extension arms: Aluminium, RAL 5003 / Teleskoping boom: Steel, zink coated
Suction plates: 4 pc AL 410G, Ø 410 mm
net weight: 42 kg
Power supply: Batteries 2x 12V / 4,5 Ah
charging voltage: 230 V/ 50 Hz