Multi Lift up to 50kg


The tube lifter type Multi lift  is suitable for loads up to 50 kg.

Whether cartons, barrels or sacks – no problem for the multi lift.  Like all of our tube lifters, the device complies with the current safety requirements of EN 14238 for “hand-held manipulators” for the highest level of safety. High-quality components make the multi lift a long-lasting helper in your handling problem.

Mode of operation and special features:

Suction-lift-lower-release is the simple basic principle of this tube lifter. Numerous additional functions make work easier and enable ergonomic working posture. Loads caused by lifting, bending over and moving loads are largely avoided.

In addition to the horizontal transport, the tube lifter can swing the load in different ways: manually, ie by muscle power and leverage, or simply pneumatically.

Technical specifications

Maximum load: 50 kg
Maximum lifting height: 1700 mm
Lifting speed: 0 – 50 m / min
Vacuum generator: Blower 3kW 400V / 50 Hz
Lifting hose diameter: 160 mm