On the move… with the EAS heavy load transporter, the cost-effective tug truck


Transporters are used to bring the die from the storage or maintenance area to the press and back.
The basic drive unit of the EAS heavy load transporter range is the tug unit , or tug truck.

The tug truck is a battery driven and manual operated pull car.
This car can be used as individual drive unit with several hooked-on carriers, or as integrated unit in a tool transporter.

Available in three different models, standard drive electric tug trucks are easy to handle and simple in use.

Extremely strong with high torque capacity
EAS’ transporters offer:

precise maneuverability
powerful hydraulic lifting and lowering capacity
With built-in valve
A built-in valve for fast release of loads and the on-board charger unit simplifies batter re-loading.

The tug truck is capable of moving loads up to 20 tons.