Rail Milling


Intended Use

Magnetic clamping for machining rail tracks for the manufacturing of rail crossings and switches


The main advantage of the system is the possibility to mill in one single clamping all required elements of rails: head, foot and web and also to make through-going holes in the foot or web of the rails.

As the system is electro permanent the rail remain clamped without electric power supply during the whole machining process (the power supply is required only during very short magnetization and demagnetization cycles).

The system is composed of several modules each of them being composed of independent lateral and bottom magnetic clamping circuits. The “lateral circuit”, which is magnetized, first permits to “attract” the rail to the side pole extensions and to obtain in this way the straight alignment in spite of possible deformations of the rail. Then the “bottom circuit” is activated to clamp the foot of the rail.




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