PSL Parking Stations


No more mess, no more accidents with cylinders lying on the floor during die changes. This straight-forward solution safely stores the cylinders while not in use.


Your ECA or MHC pull cylinder is safely stored in a parking station.
A parking station, or park station, is used to prolong the lifespan of cylinders.


Parking stations are available with different options:

PSL: A standard version, to park the ECA/MHC cylinders with T stone;
CB-1: A parking station can be extended with a connecting block CB-1 , to park multiple cylinders with pipes and hoses in line;
CBCV-1 : A parking station can be extended with a connection block and integrated double check valve CBCV-1 , as additional safety measure in case of leakage.
Park stations can be installed both on the lower bolster bed as well as on the moving slide bed of a press.

For extra safety on especially the slide mounted single acting cylinders a double pilot operated check valve can be installed. EAS change systems offers this valve under type EDCV -1 .