EDCV Double Check Valve


The EDCV-1 keeps cylinders under pressure, thus preventing the system against hose leakage. Two single acting hydraulic circuits can be connected by the EDCV-1.


For extra safety on especially the slide mounted single acting cylinders a double pilot operated check valve can be installed. EAS change systems offers this valve under type EDCV -1 .


The EDCV-1 is a double check valve, used to increase safety on the hydraulic clamping circuit of the slide:

It has the same basic function of the single check valve CB-1, to keep pressure in the cylinders even if there is leakage in the main hydraulic line between pump and double check valve.

As you can see in the picture below, it also doubles the main line (A) of the slide:

You go with only one main line on the slide and then on the slide, thanks to the valve, the main line is divided into two circuits connecting the clamping cylinders in a crossed way. (Think of corners of a square).
This way even if you have a leakage in one of the two lines after the double check valve EDCV-1, the other line there will be still maintain its pressure, thus keeping half of the clamping systems clamped and avoiding the die to fall.