Intended Use

Circular permanent magnetic chucks with radial poles for grinding and turning. Sizes available from 130mm to 900mm diameter
Nominal holding force: up to 140N/cm2. Top plates available


Double pack of Neodymium magnets provides high holding power
• Symmetrical design allows high turning speeds
• Adjustable holding force (only at set-up)
• Possibility to machine centre through bore
Designed to hold ring shaped components. To accommodate driving pins, stops or pole shoes all steel poles can be machined. Please contact us for further drtails.
For repetitive work additional top plates can be purchased.
Special executions with reinforced top plate and/or T-nuts or grooves in the top plate available on request.
• Holding and positioning of workpieces with irregular contact surface
• Machining up to 70% of top plate thickness
• Fixation on magnet according to requirement


Grinding / turning of ring shaped components


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