Mold Change Car


Whether you opt for a rail guided wagon or a freely movable solution like our battery driven carts or an air floating mold change car, every situation can be met with a customized solution.

Depending on the size of the molds, mould transfer methods range from manual to fully automated. Using our mold transfer systems, you molds are positioned with speed and precision. Even more flexibility is obtained when using mobile mold change carts.


A semi or fully automated system offers higher machine availability, increased operator security and lower production costs.

EAS mold change tables and cars are:
• Safe
• Durable
• Service-friendly
• Modular
• Straightforward installation
Instead of using different mold change tables for each machine, fully integrated mold change transportation systems can serve multiple machines on different locations of your facility. Free moving cars give maximum flexibility, especially when battery driven.

Maximize flexibility and productivity
For instance this freemoving mold change car, on its way to storage the mold after changeover at the injection molding machine.
This is a multi-wheeled mold change car with one-sided pushpull, remotely controlled for a maximum load of 50 Ton.

For maximum freedom of movement with heavy molds, we offer the strength of the air cushioned floating cart.

Transfer tables enable quick, economic and safe side-changing of molds. The mold change system is custom designed to fit your specific process.


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