MLAY600 Series Heavy Lifting Magnets


The MLAY series magnets are perfect for small materials and light to medium lifting.  These lifters are lightweight, have a small profile and feature a swivel hook for lifting from the top or the side.  Each features a locking handle to ensure release of load is only intentional .  Manual ON/OFF operation.

With full field saturation, hold force at 0.5 in (12.7mm), these lifters are ideal for thinner steel, but hold thick steel just as well.

The MLAY600x4 is lightweight yet very strong.  This lifter features our patent-pending dual hook for load stability and single hook for lifting horizontal to vertical.  This lifter is ideal for thinner steel but will hold thick steel just as well.

Customer designed pole shoes are available for MLAY600x2 and MLAY600x4.

Magnet Testing, re calibration, service and repairs are available on this full range.

600 600×2 600×4 900/600 CE w/Remote Control
Max SWL                    3:1 lift capacity 90 kg 166 kg 346 kg 272 kg
Min de-stack thickness Shallow 12.7 mm Shallow 12.7 mm Shallow 12.7 mm Shallow 12.7 mm
Height 184 mm 170.4 mm 166.5 mm 322 mm
Width 51.5 mm 165.4 mm 165.4 mm 103 mm
Length 106 mm 220.9 mm 235.9 mm 236 mm
Weight 2 kg 4.3 kg 8.1 kg 8.8 kg