Magnetic clamping balls of the highest quality are used to hold parts during laser welding, polishing and assembly in optimum working position. Depending on the workpiece geometry and weight swing angle can be adjusted up to 90°. The strong RNF magnetic chuck is activated by T-handle wrench on the hexagon supplied. With a rotation of 120° of the key the magnetic chuck is fully activated. For positioning of the workpiece, a partial activation is possible.

The Ergo-Ball is made of anodized Aluminium-ball, in which a fine pin RNF magnetic chuck is installed. The ball lie in the leather lined, chemically nickel-plated steel ring. The Ergo-Ball is available in 4 sizes, with round magnet chucks of 80-160mm diameter.

Made for high quality work

Also available is the Flex-ball


Flex-Ball is a switchable permanent magnet for flexible clamping of magnetic workpieces and is suitable for use on milling machines, grinders and particularly to laser welding systems. In any rotating and swivelling ball receiving a switchable permanent magnet is mounted, which serves for clamping of the workpiece. The ball receiving is stored in a switchable permanent magnet shell. This patented arrangement allows hitherto unrealizable degrees of freedom. So angles >90° can also be adjusted and securely fixed. Owing to limited angle workpiece weights can be spanned up to 100kg. For clamping of the non-magnetic workpieces, a vice or a jaw chuck can also be clamped on the magnetic chuck.