Magnetic Liquid Filter


Intended Use

Iron particles can also be present in liquid products. The permanent magnetic filter offers an effective means of removing these particles.
Cleaning is considerably simplified by the extractor princliple used in the design of the filters. Once the magnet unit has been removed from the extractor both components can readily be rinsed clean.


The magnet system is comprised of Neodymium magnets which are fitted in a stainless-steel housing equipped with inlet and outlet ports for the liquid. The magnet system can rapidly be removed for cleaning by releasing a number of quick-action couplings.
“Viscous liquids can be pumped through the filter under pressure. The extremely powerful magnetic field is capable of filtering particles of a size of 10u upwards from the liquid. A drain-plug fitted to the base of the housing simplifies cleaning the filter.
A model is also available for iron separation from rapidly solidifying fluids (chocolate, molten cheese etc.). These units are equipped with a jacketed housing which can be connected to a hot water circuit, thereby reducing temperature losses during the iron-separation process to negligible levels.”



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