MagDolly Series


MagDolly Series:

These dolly’s work with any Magswitch lifting magnets and allows one user to move steel.

  • Safe and fast
  • HD Model allows for two users and rolls on uneven surfaces
  • New Magdolly lite now available

Quicker, safer and more ergonomic solution for lifting large ferrous objects.

Adjustable handle, hook slots and with the lite system a new cable support system.

Eliminates the need to touch sharp, dirty or hot materials.

Excellent for manhole covers and valve boxes when paired with our MLAY Lifters.

Eliminates the need for bending over and back injuries.

MagDolly MagDolly HD MagDolly Manhole Lifter
Magnet Strength Magnets Sold Separately Magnets Sold Separately Magnets Sold Separately
Overall Height 1340.8 mm 1120 mm 1120 mm
Extended Height n/a 1611.1 mm 1611.1 mm
Width 723.4 mm 701.6 mm 701.6 mm
Length 1913 mm 2490.5 mm 2490.5 mm
Weight 19.8 kg 27.3 kg 27.3 kg


Magdolly Lite 81001243
Overall Height Min Angle: 1479.0 mm

Max Angle: 1103.0 mm

Overall Length Min Angle: 874.0 mm

Max Angle: 1751.0mm

Overall Width 350.2 mm
Net Weight 12 kg