KCT-U Water Cooling Permanent Electro Magnetic Chuck


Intended Use

Since no heat is generated when the power is on, this model is suitable for high precision angle grinding. The elctrical pulse is only for switching the chuck on and off


Cooling water flows through the internal coils in the chuck, a proven original design.
Since the cooling hose is connected to the shaft, a desired tilting range can be set.
The hose does not become an obstacle regardless of tilting angles of the work face. Grinding at a tilted angle can be carried out without paying attention to the hose location.
Cooling water flows inside the chuck to cool the coil directly and grinding fluid cools the top surface. This design minimizes temperature rise, thus minimizing accuracy change of the chuck.
Available from 250mm x 100mm to 600mm x 200mm


Chuck control required for these chucks


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