Grid Type Vacuum Chuck – VRS


Grid Type Vacuum Chuck type VRS
Heavy duty construction
. Grid type vacuum chuck to be used on machine-tool table
. 2 different groove pitches:
VRS12AL: 12.5 mm pitch, execution in aluminium
VRS25AL: 25 mm pitch, execution in aluminium
Complementary equipment available such as: Safety Switch, Liquid Separator, rubber seals, suction hose dry vacuum gauge, vacuum on/off switch block, air filter, cartridge for pumps, oil filter for pumps, oil and maintenance sets.

Size Range from: 200 x 100 mm to 500 x 500 mm


Included with purchase:
– Air hose connector
– End stops

Use :Grinding / EDM / Milling / metrology/ Machining/ Planning/ Engraving /Polishing
Flatness :0.02/100 mm

Parallelism :0.02/100 mm
Options :- Another position of air connection
– Multiple independent zones
– Special execution, palletizing
– With steel base plate for use on magnetic chucks