Grid Magnet RV/VI


Intended Use

Permanent grid magnets fitted in hoppers or pipes for the removal of iron particles from raw-material flows.


These grid magnets are comprised of powerful magnetic bars, which guarantee the thorough removal of iron particles from products passing through the grid in free fall. The iron particles are captured by the filter bars. The grid magnets are cleaned by removing them from the product flow and then manually removing the iron particles.


Grid magnets are usually employed in free-flowing products contaminated with small amounts of iron. In many situations a number of grid magnets are installed above each other; to this end two different versions are available in which the magnetic bars are positioned out of line withh each other. This “staggered configuration” improves the contact between the product and the magnetic bars. The sophisticated magnet configuration guarantees an extremely powerful and intense magnetic field. The design is based on an optimum combination of a field, which is as powerful as possible at the surface with a working depth that is as deep as possible.


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