FXE- T Heavy Duty Electro-Permanent Magnetic Truss


FXE-T6400/80 Electro-Permanent Magnetic Truss.

The FXE T 6400/80 Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet truss is a full featured standard equipment will all options.  The truss with 6400kg Max. carrying capacity is held with sliding magnetic modules and can thus move sheet formats of min. 1200mm length max. 6000 mm length safely.


Delivery includes:

Radio remote control and pick up function to lift individual plates from 6mm

Weld-on hooks on the sides for each 4t max.

2-strain chains

Lifting eyelet sensor, demagnetizing only possible when load free

360 degree LED signal tower

Stainless steel guide handles

Primary connection cable ready for 400V/25A fuse / CEE 32A plug

FXE-T 6400/80:

Max Load capacity at sheets

Material / Wall thickness Max Load (kg) Max Dimensions L (max) Max Dimensions W (max)
From 4mm 500 kg 4000 2000
From 6mm 1000 kg 6000 2500
From 8mm 1400 kg 6000 2500
From 10mm 2000 kg 6000 3000
From 15mm 4000 kg 6000 3000
From 25mm 6400 kg 6000 3000


Model Max Load capacity (kg) L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Number of Poles Pole Structure Breakaway (kN) Weight (kg)
FXE-T6400/80 6400 kg 3150 780 1900 2 x 16 80 272 520