FXE Options


FXE Range Accessories

Spiral Cable: High quality spiral cable available in a range of sizes

Eyelet Sensor: The Eyelet sensor checks whether the lifting eye on the magnet is on load and only allows demagnetization in no-load.  This provides more security.

Pick up function: This option is for taking a thin sheet off a stack, similarly the pick up function makes visible the safety factor.

Special Pole shoes: For receiving hot parts can be produced as well as pole shoes for round materials, profiles or bulky castings.

Remote control: In radio or infrared technology.  For remote control the IR technology has price advantage but requires direct line of sight to the receiver and has a range of about 5m.  Radio control has a range of at least 30m and is recommended this is used with the Eyelet Sensor.

Handle: for the smaller magnets a handle can be fitted these are useful especially when removing small workpieces from the flame cutting table.  This guiding hand option is recommended and allows the operator to clear the internal table from the side.