The new tube lifter FORCE-LIFT®
There was still room for improvement. We used that.
Decades of experience in vacuum lifting technology have shown us that it is time to set new standards for tube lifters. This motivation to find the best handling solution for our customers drove us to this innovation.

With one hand up to 75 kg! even with transport goods with recesses. Fast, strong, ergonomic.

75kg. With one hand!
A device for light and heavy loads at the same time: The strongest tube lifter on the market with one-hand operation that lifts up to 75 kg.

For porous and incomplete transport goods.
Quickly exchangeable suction feet enable the handling of airtight, porous or incomplete materials.

Follow your instincts.
The first and only tube lifter that adapts to instinctive operating behaviour and not the other way around. It can be started immediately.

Levitate –  Even with a load.
Hands free: The FORCE-LIFT® can remain in a parking position with or without transported goods, floating freely.