Intended Use

Permanent magnetic chuck for spark erosion and precision grinding. Available from 175mm x 100mm
Usable top plate life: 5mm
Supplied with allen key, set of clamps and manual


Low profile (height) of merely 35mm. The Neospark chuck can be put on a pallet without creating weight and height problems, both in manual and robot pallet changing systems.
• Excellent holding force of up to 100 N/cm2 and micro pole pitch allowing to hold very small and thin workpieces.
• Height of the magnetic field being just 6mm and the absence of stray magnetic fields allow sparking operations close to the chuck surface.
• No clogging up of the hexagon-socket of the actuating shaft thanks to the removable stud allowing to redress the top surface.
• The smooth and flush faces of the chuck further the low “contamination sensitivity” to spark erosion particles allowing easy cleaning and adding to the overall accuracy.
• The Neospark chuck is also available as sine table in short and ling lift version.


For Spark Erosion, EDM  and precision work


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