Electro Magnetic Holding Beam



The apparatus type C is suitable for holding parts with straight surfaces, while D can be used for parts with rough or scaled surface.  To reach the nominal holding force, the steel poles of the holding surface must be completely covered by the workpiece.



The electro magnetic holding beams are direct current holding systems.  The magnetic circuit is open in switched on position and makes it possible to hold ferrous magnetic workpieces.  For mounting the magnets are provided with threaded holes in the bottom of the housing.  Electrical connection through 2 connection bolts, which are fitted in the housing of the magnet and have easy access.  Further a stud is available for mounting of a steel wire as stress release.  These studs can be screwed on the side or bottom.  When working with electromagnetic holding beams, one should follow the appropriate rules for the prevention of accidents.


Nominal Voltage:                24 VDC

Duty:                                      100%      ED

Protection:                            Housing IP 53 according DIN 40 050

Connection IP 00

Isolation class:                     E