Typical set up procedure:

1) Switch ON up to 10–20% power

2) Workpiece centring

3) Switch ON up to 100% power

4) Workpiece machining


Robust, single piece top plate with radial poles and epoxy resin gaps
Double, high energy Neodymium magnetic system
Solid aluminium body with worm gear actuating mechanism, unique, very safe, self-locking mechanism, preventing switching-off during machining
Maximum clamping force up to 140 N/cm2 depending on the size of the chuck and the component


Turning and grinding of ring shaped components

Scope of supply

Ratchet key


Through going centre bore
Accurate centring hole
Auxiliary top plate
Top plate with T-slots
Set of pole shoes
Mounting of chuck to machine

The underside of the body has a recess and threaded holes for mounting a suitable flange.

Please contact us for technical specifications.

Various sizes available