Cascade Magnet


Intended Use

Cascade magnet systems are used in situations where
ferrous particles have to be removed thoroughly from
large quantities of raw materials


Cascade systems are
available in manual and automatic models and are
strongly built with a 4 mm thick stainless steel or steel
housing. Bakker Magnetics cascade systems have a wide
range of uses and are easy to incorporate in existing systems.


Both manual and
pneumatic versions are available in all models. With the
pneumatic versions, a push of a button is sufficient to
remove all the ferrous particles collected in the valve
box chamber. Optionally, this type can be supplied with
an electrically operated valve. All the components of the
pneumatic system conform to the ISO and CETOP standards.
As an option, the automatic versions can be fitted
with a pressure tank which enables the system to stay in
service when the supply of air pressure is lost. If
required, all models can be fitted with inspection windows
and/or manganese steel wear plates.


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