AR Series:

For use on flat, round or irregular material.


Simultaneous pick and place of stamped components with vision

Replacement for:

Power clamps, parallel grippers, suction cups


  • Small parts loading into fixture limit clamping possibilities
  • Parts shifting during handling

Advantages of the AR Series:

  • Maintain Position accuracy
  • Custom pole shoes match geometry to maintain orientation
  • Reduced gripper size
  • Small form factor allows units to fit into tighter spaces
  • Fast MTTR and NAAMS mounting
  • Saves energy – 90% less air
  • High Heat option




Item Max Safe Working Load Optimal Material Thickness Unit Weight
AR20 7.2 kg 3 mm 0.4 kg
AR30 15.2 kg 3.5 mm 0.7 kg
AR40 43.3 kg 9.5 mm 1.9 kg
AR50 62.1 kg 9.5 mm 2.8 kg
AR70 110.7 kg 12.7 mm 6.8 kg
AR110 356 kg 38.1 mm 28.4 kg