Electro Holding Magnet


Electro Holding Magnet

With 2 types of electrical connection



Electro holding magnets can hold ferrous magnetic workpieces.  Their application is found in steel construction, production and have significant advantages in handling small and medium mass products.  To reach the nominal holding force, the steel poles of the holding surface must be completely covered by the workpiece.



The magnets consist of an electromagnetic holding system.  The magnetic circuit is open in switched on position and makes it possible to hold ferrous magnetic workpieces.  Available with stripped connection wire (type A) or with connection terminals (type B)

Depending upon application the appropriate rules for the prevention of accidents are to be followed.  With devices of a safety class 1 the protective earthing connection according to VDE 0100 § 6 is to be guaranteed by the user.  The devices are built and tested according to VDE 0580. This is considered as conformance certificate in accordance with CENELEC memorandum nr.3 part 3, par. 2.3 according to the new equipment safety law of the EEC.


Nominal Voltage:                24 VDC

Duty:                                      100%

Protection:                            IP 65 according DIN 40 050

Isolation class:                     E