Aero Standard Vacuum Lifter


AERO Standard: Vacuum lifter for horizontal transport of airtight sheet materials: 
Vacuum lifters of the standard series are suitable for the horizontal transport of sheet materials such as sheet metal, plastic sheets, coated wooden panels or glass panes with a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg. This allows processing machines to be loaded and unshipped without damage. All AERO-LIFT vacuum lifting devices comply with the latest safety regulations in accordance with EN13155.

Performance of the AERO standard equipment

NEW: Available as standard as a battery version!

100 kg to 2,000 kg load capacity

Four to ten suction plates for different materials

Increased safety thanks to acoustic warning device

Increased energy efficiency thanks to automatic power saving

Ergonomic handling for operators

Designed according to safety regulation EN 13155

Customizable and expandable with additional options

Fields of application of the AERO Standard Vacuum Lifter

The vacuum lifter can be used optimally for the following fields of application:

Sheet metal processing and sheet metal cutting

Metal processing and metal cutting

Wood processing and wood cutting

Feeding of laser cutting systems

Feeding of water cutting systems

Feeding of CNC systems

Relocation of transported goods

Transport of airtight sheet material such as glass, plastic, metal sheets, wood, composite panels, etc.

Loading and unloading of pallets, storage racks, pre-delivery lines, etc.