Compact upender for 3-piece can production lines
Canline introduces a completely new magnetic upender for (can) bodies coming out of a welding unit into a 3piece can production line. Before entering the production line these bodies need to be put upright from a horizontal position to a vertical position. Canline developed new magnetic techniques to set bodies upright in one smooth movement. As a result from this approach, and in contrast with conventional systems, bodies stay at the same height from entering to leaving this new upender.

The benefits of this new method are a high capacity (over 1000 cans/min) with no can damage as compared to conventional (magnetic) upenders. This new method also makes the upender suitable for very thin wall thicknesses.

The unit can be easily fitted into existing lines. It requires little space and there is no difference in height between input and output.

Adjustment for various can sizes, even aerosol cans or 2 pc beverage cans is simple.