Turning Units for Molds and Dies


Despite their high value, the turning and opening of expensive molds and dies is still often done by means of an overhead crane. Dangerous for the operator and the risk of damaging the tools is high. With the EAS turning units the job can be done safe and fast.

With the EAS mold & die rotators, one operator can easily and safely rotate the die on his own.
Next to a floor standing model, the type that is on level floor takes up less space. Plus, the level floor type can be easily moved when not in use.


Increased safety
Less risk of damaging your expensive tools
Available for 3T till 50 T dies and molds
Standard and customized models
Everywhere where expensive tools need to be handled safe and careful such as injection and blow molding molds , stamping dies and die casting tools.

Increase your operativity while decreasing hazard. This mold rotator works fast and easy. One man operation only, so ideal for cleaning, maintenance or handling.