PL -6


PL-6 Plate Lifter

Attach and release with one hand!

The PL-6 plate Lifter is a unique lifting aid to make the handling of sheet material so easy. It can be used on any type of material to make the transportation of sheets easier and safer.

The clamping system self-adjusts to the width of the material and securely holds it in place without damaging its surface. All parts of the PL-6 that touch the load are covered with a special coating so that even the most sensitive materials will not be scratched. The ergonomically designed safety grip provides a secure hold and even during  turns and swivels the user can easily hold on to.

The unloading and transportation of sheet material to their installation site is not only time consuming but also strenuous.  Smooth surfaces also make it difficult to securely carry the material especially through narrow passages or across uneven ground.

The PL-6 is used in pairs and each grip can lift 100kg which makes them suitable for moving a wide range of materials.


*Lifts up to 100 kg (220 Lbs.) per Grip   *Span width 0 – 80 mm     *Self adjusting Clamps

*Sturdy aluminum construction               *Cushioned shaft prevents damage to the carried load   *Absolutely Non-Slip in all span widths

*Supplied in pairs