MLAY1000 Series Heavy Lifting Magnets


The MLAY series magnets are perfect for Heavy Lifting.  These lifters attains full hold on approximately 1.0in (25.4mm) thick steel. These lifters feature a swivel hook for lifting from the top or the side.  Each lifter is manually activated and features a safety lock in both on and off position.

With full field saturation, hold force at 1.0in (25.4mm), these lifters are ideal for porous material and thick steel.

The MLAY1000 features a replaceable pole shoe, ideal for customizing to fit your application.   These lifters are lightweight yet very strong and easy to turn on compared to old technology lifters, which are difficult to activate on thin steel.   This lifter features our patent-pending dual hook for load stability and single hook for lifting horizontal to vertical.

Replaceable  pole shoes are available for MLAY1000x2,3,4,6.

Magnet Testing, re calibration, service and repairs are available on this full range.

1000 1000×2 1000×3 1000×4 1000×6 1000×12
Max SWL                    3:1 lift capacity 151 kg 302 kg 414 kg 591 kg 977 kg 1825 kg
Min de-stack thickness Deep 19.1 mm Deep 19.1 mm Deep 19.1 mm Deep 19.1 mm Deep 25.4 mm Deep 13.8 mm
Height 253.1 mm 269.5 mm 264.5 mm 250.8 mm 242.5 mm 301.8 mm
Width 72.1 mm 195.6 mm 195.4 mm 195.4 mm 195.4 mm 306.8 mm
Length 147.1 mm 250.5 mm 271.3 mm 350.3 mm 510.3 mm 496 mm
Weight 5.2 kg 10.8 kg 16.6 mm 20.5 kg 27.4 kg 55 kg